Planning Your Future

It's one of the most important things we can do, but it's also the most overlooked.  Horizons Business Solutions Inc has the experience to assist you in  you accomplishing your future goals.

​​​​​​If your company is looking for growth or you have equipment needs it's time to consider Horizons Business Solutions team of experts can assist you to maximize your goals. Our team has a proven track record of positive results.

Services Related to Selling Companies -The services provided by HBS include assisting companies to find qualified Buyers - this is done in strict confidence, quietly and discreetly. We assist the Seller by establishing the current market value through financial analysis then providing them with a marketing portfolio, and advice to help maximize the potential of their business.

Services Related to Companies looking to Buy – Growth through acquisition, Most companies are finding it impossible to grow in a shrinking markets with razor thin margins, the days of increasing sales through price cutting or "acquiring a new salesman" from their competitors are in the past. The only true growth potential is through acquisition. Most companies in a growth mode are looking for strategic acquisitions. HBS offers buyers the services of finding companies that are considering selling, performing back ground checks, and other additional due diligence information.

Equipment Assets: Capitalizing on unused or under utilized equipment, repossessions, and quality used production equipment.  
Looking to save on the purchase of quality used equipment or selling your unused equipment.... Horizons Business Solutions it the right partner.  We can save you the hassle and the cost of excessive dealer fees . If you need hard to find parts, industrial computer components, speciality tools or supplies, we can help, let us use our worldwide network we can get the job done. 

Consulting Services:Extensive Printing Business consulting and management services. If you are looking to relocate let us manage the project, The biggest expense to relocation is business interruption. Let us take the hassle out of your move and allow you to manage the daily operation of your business. Production Management, Finance and Sales Management.    

Appraisals:Onsite or Desktop Appraisals services available.

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