About Us...

Horizons Business Solutions Inc  is a “Business Services Company” providing a single source approach for both buyers &

sellers.  From concept through execution, HBS offers a variety of services including equity based financing, business brokerage, asset

management, business & equipment appraisal, and general consulting to the business community. 

Our Motto is;  Business Services for a Brighter Tomorrow; we believe our services can benefit and assist any company

regardless of their goal.

Beginnings of Horizons Business Solutions Inc:

HBS was originally organized as an extension of Equipment Finance Corporation (EFC) Alpharetta, GA; an equity based finance company to the Printing and Corrugated

Industries. Following the financial meltdown at the end of 2008, many of EFC's clients, were negatively impacted by the economic downturn. Some found themselves in a

situation where their business was experiencing such a drastic reduction in revenues and coupled with static overhead the situation required many owners to ask for

assistance to modify and rewrite loans, or consider closing their business altogether. Beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2010, several clients faced with the option of closing

their business, approached EFC and asked for assistance in finding a buyer. After several successful transactions EFC established a separate department to handle Mergers

and Acquisitions, but this service was only been available to existing EFC's clients.

During 2012, this division evolved into its own independent company, Horizon Business Solutions Inc. which currently maintains productive business relationships with

clients from coast to coast. The Executive staff of HBS has more than 30 years each of industry experience. The Associate Staff all have various areas of expertise and are

all highly qualified in their fields. Having extensive contacts in the Printing and Corrugated industries allows HBS to stay at the forefront of leading trends. Along with our

staff, HBS also has various corporate partners which provide a depth of support for almost any project.

Horizons Business Solutions Inc.

Horizons Business Solutions is a Business Services Company, centered on Mergers and Acquisitions.

Services Related to Selling Companies -The services provided by HBS include assisting companies to find qualified Buyers - this is done in strict confidence, quietly

and discreetly. We assist the Seller by providing them with a marketing portfolio, and advice to help them maximize the potential of their business.

Services Related to Companies looking to Buy – Growth through acquisition, Most companies are finding it impossible to grow in a shrinking market with razor thin

margins, the days of increasing sales through price cutting or "acquiring a new salesman" from their competitors are in the past. The only true growth potential is through

acquisition. Most companies that are in a growth mode are looking to acquire the Sales only, they have capacity with their current equipment and they are not interested in

any additional equipment assets. HBS offers buyers the service of finding companies that are considering selling, we perform back ground checks, and provide additional

due diligence information.

Financing Services HBS offers financing through EFC  - Typically this is equity based financing requiring adequate collateral support. Alternatively, we also offer

SBA financing options as well for financing or refinancing any opportunity.  As an Independent Finance Company, EFC's portfolio includes projects ranging from $15,000 up

to $20,000,000. EFC has an in-house credit approval process, with all documentation and funding provided directly through the company.  EFC maintains a participation

level in all deals, but does package their portfolio's to the secondary market.

Asset Management Services – Whether a buyer or seller, when a company changes ownership there is often surplus equipment and other assets that need to be sold.

We assist our clients with selling any excess equipment. Since most companies have not purchased equipment in the past five years "most" of the companies we encounter

have equity in their equipment. A Seller who sells off the Sales of their company, and has substantial equity tied up in the equipment. They may need an independent

appraisal to establish a true market value or assistance in selling or liquidating the equipment for their maximum benefit...

Appraisal Services HBS offers the service of independent appraisals of hard assets that follow International Society of Appraisers and the American Society of

Appraisers standards. Also as an additional service we can help a client establish "what the business is really worth", if they were to consider selling...

Consulting Services - A team of experienced Print and Business Professionals offering consulting services for Transitional Consulting as well as Management, Sales and

Manufacturing expertise.